Buildings sit around us for a long time. They consume large amounts of energy both in their making and in use. Even the richest societies cannot afford to renew and replace them frequently. Their permanence makes them an important part of our collective identity, our security and our civilization.

Fine buildings fill us with delight and civic pride. The comforting presence of familiar, memorable surroundings, the incremental adjustments that hone them to suit our evolving needs and the intelligent addition of beautiful, different, exciting and stimulating new buildings, are a vital part of what makes communities thrive. Wasteful building is ugly and immensely damaging. Designing and constructing them should be a serious matter.

When asked to design new buildings and to alter existing structures we value differentiation, innovation, longevity, flexibility and adaptability - and beauty. Beauty is a shifting concept. A respect for context, an understanding of light and of the nature of materials, an ability to visualise physical space, a firm grasp of the technical implications of detail and shape are all-important.

Set up in 1997 and based in our Shoreditch studio in central London, the BSA team of Architects and support staff are true to these values and ideals, and apply their complementary skills to a wide range of projects in varied locations for many different clients.

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